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Conduct inspection

Inspection tool allows users to conduct virtual inspection of buildings, engineering structure and other objects using project source images.

In inspection tool mode it is available to filter images by the point of the interest and make annotations, that further can be exported as a report.

Inspect images

Please note that when you filter photos by point in a 3D scene using Inspection tool only aligned camera position, orientation and calibration parameters are taken into account without regard to project depth maps or obstacles that are currently visible in a 3D scene on a way of the ray from the camera to the point.

To activate the inspection mode, click or tap on the Inspect tool icon located in the upper-right corner of the project View page

While in inspection mode, click or tap on the particular point of interest within a 3D scene. If there are any images showcasing the point, they will appear in the gallery located at the bottom of the page.

To view an image in detail, click or tap on its thumbnail within the gallery. This will open the image in full resolution, allowing you to zoom in and pan around for closer examination.

To deactivate the inspection mode, click or tap on the cross icon located in the upper-right corner of the project View page header

Create issues

To begin with creating issue it is required to create the inspection layer. Inspection layer is a named collection of the annotations made on the project images. For the inspection layer an inspection report can be exported. 

To create a new inspection layer click or tap on the + button in the Workspace pane on the left and select Create inspection option while in inspection mode.

To set the name of the inspection layer select it by double-left-clicking on it in the Workspace pane and set the new name. Alternately, select the inspection layer, open its properties pane on the right and change its name.

When you identify issue that require your attention you can create an issue object. Issue is a named annotation made on a specific project image, represented by a reference point in a 3D scene, rectangular zone on the image and properties describing it, including: name, severity, type and description.

To create a new issue:

  1. Click or tap the Add issue button located in the upper-right corner of the image viewer.
  2. Click or tap again to initiate drawing the rectangular box that will highlight your desired area of interest. 
  3. Release the click or tap to complete the drawing of the rectangular box.

New issue is created with default name, undefined severity level, none type and empty description. To modify these attributes, open the issue properties pane on the right and assign the appropriate attributes accordingly.

Review issues

To review the created issue select it in the workspace page on the left or in a 3D scene and click on the image preview on the right. A gallery with all issues corresponding to the specific inspection layer will be opened.

Report inspection

Report inspection

When the inspection is completed you can view and export inspection report as a .PDF or .CSV file.

To open and view the .PDF report select the inspection layer in the Workspace pane on the left, and click on the Inspection report in the inspection layer properties pane on the right.

Whether you need to export the report, click on the download button next to report name in the inspection properties pane on the right and select the required format of the report.

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