How to upload project into the cloud?

If the cloud processing option is enabled and properly configured in Metashape, each time you run processing operation in the cloud synchronization procedure will be started and the source imagery together with the project filed directory will be uploaded to your cloud account. For more information about how to run processing in the cloud refer to: "How to use Agisoft Cloud for processing" article.

Optionally it is available to upload project into the cloud from Metashape user interface manually, without running processing operation. To upload project into the cloud select Upload Project...  command from Cloud submenu of File menu and click Yes button. 

How can I visualize project results?

To make cloud project available for visualization in web-interface it is necessary to publish it. Publication is a process of preparing processing results for 3D visualization in web-interface. The publication is only available for georeferenced PSX projects. Each publication takes up storage space.

When processing new project in the cloud for the first time, you may check the Publish results option in the Schedule processing in the cloud Metashape dialog box. If Publish results option is checked on during the first processing of the current project in the cloud, results of further processing for the same project will be published automatically. 


Furthermore it is available to publish project via Agisoft Cloud web-interface on the following page:

When the project is published, use View button to inspect project results.

How to download project from the cloud?

It is available to download project from the cloud from Metashape user interface. To download project from the Cloud, select Download Project... from Cloud submenu of File menu.

What if I am running out of storage?

If it is necessary to free the space in the cloud, unpublish or remove the projects from the personal account. 

Unpublish button will remove project results visualization. Delete button will remove both source images , processed project and project results visualization from the cloud.

What do the project statuses mean?

There are five types of project status:

  • NEW -  project is in the process of uploading into the cloud or successfully uploaded.
  • IN PROGRESS -  project is in processing or publication stage
  • COMPLETED - last operation were successfully completed
  • ABORTED - last operation were aborted by user
  • FAILED - last operation were failed