Article describes the main step for offline Node-locked license procedure for Metashape Professional 2.x and next versions. 

To activate the product license using another computer with Internet access, please follow the procedure below:

1.  Open page from a computer with Internet access, input the node-locked license activation key and press Save Activation Parameters button to save activation parameters file (*.actparam):

Transfer the generated parameters file to the computer where Metashape Professional node-locked license should be activated and proceed to next step.

2. Open Metashape Professional on the computer where the license should be activated in offline mode and select Help Menu > Activate Product command.

In the Agisoft Metashape Professional Activation dialog select Activate Metashape Professional offline command and click OK button:

2.1 Browse the activation parameter file (*.actparam) obtained on the first step (in our example we got the activation.actparam file) and press Save Activation Request... button to save the activation request file (*.actreq):

2.2 Transfer *.actreq file (that you have got on the previous step) to the computer with Internet access, open this request file in the corresponding section and click on Save Activation Response button to save the response file (*.actresp):

2.3 Transfer *.actresp file to the computer where Metashape Professional license should be activated and proceed to the final step.

3. Press Install License... button in the offline activation dialog and select the response file (*.actresp) obtained on the previous step to complete the license activation procedure:

Now Metashape Professional node-locked license is activated: