For a more convenient display of the objects in the Model view, it is possible to adjust image brightness and contrast in Set Brightness dialog window available from menu Tools.

This tool only sets brightness and contrast for displaying in Model view, these parameters will not be taken into account when exporting.

Use Raster Calculator tool to apply the brightness/contrast change to orthomosaic, which can be exported with the changes applied. The workflow and an example are described in the article below. 

Setting up brightness and contrast for orthomosaic export

For the brightness/contrast adjustment purposes you should use Raster Calculator and create three output formulas in the Transform section in the following way (providing that the input data is 8-bit RGB):

B1 = (B1 * brightness) /256 * contrast + 0.5 * (1 - contrast)

brightness = value_in_percent / 100, and contrast is defined in the same way. 

The formula is used for the desired channel, for RGB images you need to specify the formula for each channel (below are two examples: one for RGB and one for LWIR images).


Example 1 (RGB)

For 110% brightness use 1.1 value and for 180% contrast use 1.8 value.

Before transform:

After transform:

Example 2 (LWIR)

For 1200% brightness use 12.0 value and for 96% contrast - 0.96 value.

Before transform:

After transform:

To export orthomosaic with applied brightness/contrast corrections select Index Color option in the Raster Transform section of the Export Orthomosaic dialog: