In the general case, the application shouldn't crash and we are trying to fix any application-related issues which lead to the unexpected program termination. However, sometimes the crashes are related to hardware/driver configuration issues and cannot be solved on the application side. If the problem depends on the GPU we can offer the following solutions:

Make sure that the latest Agisoft Metashape release version is installed: 


Intel HD Graphics 

If the crash occurred within the integrated Intel HD Graphics driver, please update your graphic card driver to the latest version. We recommend downloading the latest driver from the Intel website (for Windows OS):

Intel HD:

If the driver update doesn't help, disable the Intel HD card in the GPU Preferences tab of the Metashape window.

You may also consider installing a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics card for better stability related to GPU-based processing in Metashape and visualization of big models (or enabling it in GPU Preferences tab of Metashape Preferences).
In case your configuration doesn't have integrated Intel HD graphics installed, but the crash reporter reply indicates that the problem is related to Intel HD driver, please remove Intel graphics drivers from your system (for example, using Display Driver Uninstaller utility).

NVIDIA Graphics

The crash occurred within the NVIDIA graphics driver. Please update your graphic card driver to the latest version compatible to your system configuration. We recommend to download the driver from NVIDIA web-site directly:


In some cases, it could help to switch from CUDA implementation to OpenCL by creating main/gpu_enable_cuda tweak parameter via Metashape Preferences dialog > Advanced tab > Tweaks button and setting its value to False. It shouldn't affect the processing performance but will help to avoid CUDA-related problems.

AMD Graphics

The crash occurred within the AMD graphics driver. Please update your graphic card driver to the latest version compatible to your system from AMD web-site:


What to do, if the driver update doesn't help

If the application is crashing during the application start or when anything (like high-poly model) is displayed in Model view, it may be reasonable to start Metashape in DirectX compatibility mode using the following command line parameter (applicable to Windows OS only):

metashape.exe --opengl angle

If the crashes persist even after driver update and system reboot, please send the complete processing log related to the failed operation to (enable write log to file option in the General Preferences tab of Metashape window, restart the application and try to reproduce the problem). 

If Windows OS is used, check for error-marked lines in the Windows Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application section that is related to metashape.exe - if there are any recent lines, please export them to .evtx file and send them to support email address as well.