Sometimes it could happen, that Agisoft Metashape is terminated unexpectedly and crash reporter window is shown (or even computer is re-started or freezes with BSOD). This article describes some diagnostics option that you can try before contacting Agisoft Support team ( and to gather the additional information to be provided to our support.

If Crash Reporter dialog appears, submit the report by enabling Tell Agisoft about this crash checkbox. In addition, you can input some information related to the crash to the comments field and input your email address, so that Agisoft Support team could contact you: 

Make sure that the latest version of Agisoft Metashape is installed. The latest version is available for download from the following page:

The bugs from the older versions could be already fixed in the latest release, so it is worth checking the latest version. But if the problem persists in the most recent version, submit the crash report.

Complete processing log related to the crashed operation may be also helpful for our support team. Therefore it is reasonable to enable Write Log to File option in the General Preferences tab of Metashape window before trying to reproduce the problem.

If the crashes are related to the GPU-related processing operations, make sure that the latest compatible GPU drivers are installed for the available graphic cards. Browse for the latest drivers for your system on NVIDIA or AMD web-sites. If the mobile system is used (laptop) with the integrated Intel graphics, also check for the latest compatible drivers on Intel web-site. Some older integrated graphic cards may work unstable under heavy load, so check, if the crashes no longer occur if Intel graphics device is disabled in GPU Preferences dialog.

Sometimes crashes are related to the unstable work of the system in general, in such cases, crashes are not specific to the certain processing stage and may happen at any time. If such behavior is observed, it is reasonable to check that powersupply is sufficient for the proper operation of CPU and all available GPUs, there's no system overheat and the RAM/CPU are not overclocked to extreme frequency, which may be incompatible to the motherboard.

It is worth running Memtest86 utility in multithreaded mode (requires to press F2 key on utility start) for a considerable time in order to check for the RAM failures. Memtest86 window in multi-threaded mode will look similar to the following, showing the total number of threads/cores:

If BSOD is observed after the application crash on Windows system, try to record or take a photo of the screen with the error code and provide this information to Agisoft Support.

For Windows users we also suggest to check Windows Event Viewer utility, where go to Windows Logs > Application section and see, if there are any error-marked lines related to metashape.exe and if there are any, select those lines, export to .evtx format and send to us via email as an attachment:

In case the crash is specific for a certain project only, we would likely request this project in order to be able to reproduce the problem on our side, so you can prepare the sample project for sharing in advance.