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Currently cloud processing is only compatible with Metashape Professional edition version 1.7 and higher. Standard version is not compatible with the cloud processing service. Using the Metashape Professional edition versions lower then 1.7. may cause errors. Please update Metashape regularly to have the best synchronization speed and stability when working with the cloud.

How to set up for cloud processing

Agisoft Cloud currently is only available for the Professional edition license owners, including educational and trial license owners. For more information about available plans and terms of service, please refer to "Plans & Billing"  article.

To get started with Agisoft Cloud it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. create a personal account on the following page:
  2. install latest version of Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition from
  3. activate installed Metashape version with the valid license key (node-locked or floating);
  4. in case you are using firewall please ensure that ports 443 and 8086 are opened through a firewall to allow Metashape to communicate with the cloud;
  5. in case by some reason you use Agisoft Metashape version lower than 1.7.0, please ensure that OpenSSL version 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 is installed on your computer;
  6. in the Network preferences tab of the installed application disable local network processing flag and enable cloud processing option;
  7. input account details (Email address and password) in the Cloud section of the Network preferences tab:

How to process a project on the cloud

To run the processing on the cloud follow this steps:

  1. open existing PSX project or create a new project and load the images to be processed (in case of new project save it in PSX format before moving further);
  2. configure a Batch Process list or run any processing operation from the Workflow menu;
  3. click Yes when asked to perform the processing on the cloud, in case you need to visualize processing results in the web-interface - enable the Publish results option (For more information about results visualization refer to "How to visualize & share processing results" article);
  4. synchronization procedure will be started and the source imagery together with the project filed directory will be uploaded to the cloud;
  5. wait until the processing stage is started, after that you can monitor processing status or safely disconnect from the cloud by clicking the Disconnect button. 

PSX project sent to the cloud processing will be blocked for local usage until the processing completion.  Processing status can be monitored both in Metashape and Agisoft Cloud  web-interface. To monitor processing status in Metashape  open the PSX project sent to the cloud processing while connected to the Internet. If the processing is still in progress the status dialog will show "Processing" status.

To estimate time needed for the common processing operations on the cloud for different types of datasets please refer to "Memory requirements for processing operations" article.

In case an error occurred during cloud processing, you will not be charged for the failed processing operation. To find the solution for your case please refer to "Common cloud processing errors" article.

How to get the processing results

When the processing is finished, you receive an e-mail notification. Open the PSX project sent to the cloud processing while connected to the Internet, the local PSX project files will be synchronized with the data from the cloud.

How to handle synchronization issues

In exceptional cases project may be corrupted while downloading from the cloud due to a network or other unexpected error. In this cases after synchronization procedure is finished, project may not open with errors like: 

Can't open file: the system cannot find the file specified....

To get the processed project from the cloud in such case, you can manually download project' from the cloud instead of automatic syncronization.

To download project from the Cloud:

  1. select Download Project...  option from Cloud submenu of File menu;
  2. select the desired project and click OK button;
  3. set the path to save the project and set the new name for it, downloading procedure will be started.

When downloading a project from the cloud manually, we recommend saving it under a different name so as not to confuse a damaged and a consistent project.

How to process large photo sets

Below there are a number of best practices allowing to spare the budget and time when processing projects with thousands of photos on the cloud.

1. Go step by step instead of running batch.

In projects with oblique photos there may be a lot of Tie Points and points of the Dense Cloud outside of the zone of your interest, so the region for the next processing step may be bigger than needed. Bigger region leads to more time required to perform the processing operation.


The best practice is to run alignment procedure, get the results, adjust region and then start a Build Dense Cloud operation.

Processing region may be adjusted on any stage to avoid further processing of unneeded areas.

2. Use preselection on alignment stage.

The alignment process of large photo sets can take a long time. A significant portion of this time period is spent on matching of detected features across the photos. Image pair preselection option may speed up this process due to selection of a subset of image pairs to be matched.  

3. Split large portions of photos into chunks.

We highly recommend not to process more than 50 000 of photos in one chunk, because it leads to exponential growth of time needed to complete the alignment procedure. The recommended workflow of processing a project with more than 50 000 photos is to divide the project into chunks, process separately and merge them after alignment completion. 

The same approach is also applicable to the smaller amount of photos, less photos in one chunk requires less time  to align.

4. Do not calculate point colors if the point cloud is not of interest.

In case the desired processing result is not a point cloud, but for example DEM & Orthomosaic, Mesh or Tiled Model, uncheck the calculate point colors option in Build Dense Cloud operation advanced settings in case the points color is not of interest. This will save up processing time.

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