Before uninstalling Agisoft Metashape please deactivate the product following the procedure: Help Menu > Activate product command > Deactivate button. Deactivation can be also performed from the command line using --deactivate argument:

on Windows

metashape.exe --deactivate

on MacOS 

example for Metashape Professional: --deactivate

on Linux

./ --deactivate

Please note, that de-installation of Agisoft Metashape does not deactivate the license automatically. If you have uninstalled the software before deactivating it, please re-install Agisoft Metashape and run deactivation procedure, as described above.

On Windows OS Agisoft Metashape (starting from version 1.6 ) is trying to perform the license deactivation automatically when the application is uninstalled. However, we still recommend to perform the deactivation procedure manually before uninstalling the application, as automatic deactivation attempts may still fail for some reason (for example, if there are no access rights).

To uninstall Agisoft Metashape on Windows OS open Control Panel > Programs and Features window, then locate Agisoft Metashape in the list of installed programs, select it, and click Uninstall button.