Starting from version 2.0.2 Agisoft Metashape Professional and Agisoft Viewer support custom basemaps, that can be used both in Model and Ortho view modes. 

Please note: only XYZ tile services in Web Mercator projection are currently supported. 

How to add custom basemap:

1.  Click Customize button in the Basemap drop-down list from the Toolbar in the Ortho or Model view mode: 

2. Click Add... button in the Basemap List dialog window: 

A list of connected maps will be displayed in the Basemap List dialog box. 
    Title - indicates the name that will be displayed in the drop-down list in the interface;
    URL - the basemap URL that has been entered.

3. Specify Title and URL for the custom basemap in the Add Basemap dialog window:

URL template supports the following tokens:
    {x}, {y}, {z} - tile column, row and zoom level;
    {a-f}, {1-4} - a list of subdomains to iterate through

Max zoom - the parameter that sets the detalization of the basemap display. I.e. it is possible to adjust the number of approximation levels.

HTTP Headers - allows you to set headers if the service providing tiles requires it.

4. Click OK button. The added basemap will be displayed in the basemap list:

You can also Edit and Remove basemap using corresponding buttons in the Basemap List dialog window. 

Unchecked basemaps will not be displayed in the Basemap drop-down list and therefore wouldn't be available for selection.

5. Click OK button:

6. Select the added basemap layer from the list to be displayed in the Ortho or Model view mode:

You can save the basemap list in the Agisoft Basemap List (*.xml) format, and import it into the project using the corresponding buttons in the Basemap List dialog window (bottom right corner of the dialog window):

The custom basemaps can be also added in Agisoft Viewer. Use the workflow described above to add custom basemaps to the  Agisoft Viewer.