In general case Metashape Professional 2.0 (and newer) should automatically get the license from the license server run in the same network thanks to the automatic broadcast via UDP port 5353, but if it doesn't happen for any reason, there are several options to let Metashape Pro on the client machine know about the license server location:

1. Create AGISOFT_FLS environment variable on the client's machine in <server_ip>:<port> format. For example:

Port 5842 is default for Agisoft License Server.

2. Create a .lic file (for example, server.lic) on the client's side in the following format:


host = <server_ip>

port = <port>

for example:

The file should be put to Metashape Pro installation directory or to the following location on the client's side (may be hidden):

on Windows: C:/ProgramData/Agisoft/Licensing/licenses/

on Linux: /var/tmp/agisoft/licensing/licenses/

on macOS: /Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Licensing/licenses/

If the folders "Licensing" and/or "licenses" do not exist, add all access rights (777) to both of them after creation.
For macOS the following commands in Terminal should be used:

sudo mkdir -p "/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Licensing/licenses"


sudo chmod -R 777 "/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Licensing"

If the license server port is not defined in the environment variable or in the .lic file, value 5842 will be used automatically.

Please note that second approach described above is compatible to Metashape Professional starting from 2.0.1 version.