Article describes the main step for online and offline floating license deactivation procedure for Metashape Professional 2.x and next versions: 

Open web-interface on the Agisoft License Server web-interface in the Internet browser http://server-ip:5842 (for example: Click Licenses button:

After that on the page click Deactivate button:

Deactivate online

Select Product - metashape-pro on the deactivate page and click Deactivate button:

And click Yes button:

Please note that during deactivation, ALL licenses for the selected product will be deactivated.

Deactivate offline

If you don't have Internet access, please select the product to deactivate and press Save Deactivation Request button in 

to save the request file (*.actreq).

When you press Save Deactivation Request button, all floating licenses for the selected product are removed from this server. This action can't be undone.

Transfer the request file to a computer with Internet access, open and complete the license deactivation procedure there.

Click Browse button and choose your *.actreq file (in our example we used deactivation.actreq file):

And click Deactivate button: