NOTE: The described activation mistakes are suitable for Metashape Professional 1.8.x and earlier versions.

In this article we mention some frequent mistakes that may be made during the floating license activation. 

For each common error (error message shown, as it appears in the license server web-interface) we provide the description of possible reason and a way to solve the problem:

Bad RLM_HANDLE error code (-1042)

Possible reason: wrong count number (N>1 instead of 1) is input for non-rehostable key (usually happens for VM-enable key, that allows to run the license server on the virtual machine).

Solution: input 1 to the "count" field during the key activation

Error generating License: -1036

License Generator not found at this URL

Attempting to access license generator at:

Possible reason: incorrectly input ISV name.

Solution: make sure that default reprise value is modified to agisoft during the activation procedure.

Error generating License: -1021

Activation key not found in database

Possible reason: typo in the license key input.

Solution: if copying the key sequence doesn't help, try to re-input it manually - each section is separated by simple "minus" symbol. Also make sure that there are no additional (special or hidden) symbols input, like "end of line" or "non-breaking space".

Error generating License: -1007

Activation - Invalid hostid type (1)

Possible reason: attempt to activate rehostable FLS (rlm-server) key activation using mac-address (default value) instead of rehost=.... value. Caused by incorrectly followed activation instruction - trying to activate FLS key via "Activate License" button instead of using "ISV Servers" table on Status page of the license server web-interface.

Solution: follow proper procedure (see steps 3-5 of the instruction) to activate FLS key.

Error generating License: -1007

Activation - Invalid hostid type (16384)

Possible reason: incorrect activation of the floating key - activation using mac-address (default) value for license hostid field instead of license=xxxxx value

Solution: follow proper procedure (see step 6 of the instruction) to activate floating license key and link it to pre-activated FLS key.