In this article, we will take a closer look at the elements of Texture Mappint dialog box and analyze the values and how they characterize the constructed texture quality. To open UV mapping dialog window in main menu select Tools > Model > View Texture Mapping ... 

Check one of the elements in View section of the Texture Mapping dialog window to access the corresponding visualization of the texture atlas on the right-hand part of the dialog window:

The texture layout is displayed on the right side of the dialog window and depends on which parameter is selected in the View section. The Statistics section presents numerical parameters. The parameters from the View section and corresponding Statistics section values are described below. 


Displays the colors of the mesh model vertices.

Parameter Fill ratio in the Statistics pane - displays the percentage of occupied pixels. If the value is more than 70%, then it shows that the texture was built in good enough quality.

Diffuse map

Displays the basic texture that stores the colors of the model surface. 


Displays the ratio of the area of the texture triangle to its area on the model surface.

The colors display the following:

  • blue - min scaling;
  • red - max scaling.


Displays how many pixels in the atlas correspond to more than one triangle in the model surface. This value will be 0 in an ideal case.


Resolution is calculated as the ratio of the number of pixels for the triangle from the most detailed photo to the area of the same triangle in the atlas. In the Statistics pane the percentage (min and max values) is displayed. 

The colors display the following:

  • blue - less than it should be;
  • red - more than it should be.

You can save information from each map (Color, Diffuse map, Scaling, Overlap, Resolution) using Save page button on the lower-left corner of the dialog window: 

If you have more than one page, you can switch using Next page and Previous page buttons: