In Agisoft Viewer you can create animation for presenting your data. Before creating a playlist you need to add a Layer with your data to the project. Use Add Layer option from File menu or the corresponding Toolbar button. 

You can save several different playlists in one project. Each playlist may contain different data. The playlists are available on the Playlist pane. Select View > Panes > Playlist, to open this pane. 

In Agisoft Viewer it is possible to import camera track in Camera path (*.path) format from an Agisoft Metashape project. The information on how to create a camera track in Metashape is available in this solution - Camera track creation and fly through video rendering

Alternatively, you may choose to start automated animation by pressing Slide Show button (to end animation click on this button again). The corresponding option is also available in View menu.

The automatic animation in Agisoft Viewer is a rotation around the Z-axis. The model is automatically scaled by the program, it is impossible to change the rotation axis and the size of the model in this mode. Therefore, be careful when exporting a model from Metashape, the direction of the axes and how the model is positioned. To configure the axes in Metashape, use the Transform Object tool. 

To add a camera track open Properties dialog window from the context menu of the playlist in Playlist pane. Set the path to the camera track location in Camera track property line. Additional information about the playlist can be specified in the same Properties window: Title, Description, Author, and Duration of the track (in seconds). You may also choose to loop camera track or disable this option by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

The icon on the Playlist pane shows the data set in its default position, you may update the Default view. For this purpose configure the view of the model in the main window and then select Update Default View option in the Playlist context menu as demonstrated on the animation below.

To add a new playlist click Add site button on the Playlist pane.