NOTE: The described procedure is suitable for Metashape Professional 1.8.x and earlier versions.

In case you need to transfer your floating license server (FLS) to a new machine please follow the steps below:

1. Deactivate FLS from the machine where the FLS is activated. Deactivation is performed from web-interface of the license management system: http://server_address:5054 as follows:

- Enter Status section of the left hand side menu. 

- Find agisoft line in the ISV Servers table. 

- Click agisoft button in ACTIVATE column of the table. 

- Set the following values for the parameters on the Activate/Deactivate Alternate Server Hostid page:

      ISV: agisoft, 

      check Deactivate? box. 

Click Activate/Deactivate Alternate Server Hostid button. 

2. Activate FLS on a new machine following steps 1-5 from the Floating License Server activation procedure

3. Copy all floating license files (i.e. all *.lic files but for the rlm_agisoft_license server activation key.lic) from the original server machine to the new server to the folder where floating license server has been unpacked to. 

4. Modify the server host name in the first line of the copied floating license files to the name of the new server machine. 

5. To complete the procedure, go to the folder where the FLS utility has been unpacked to and delete mock license file - agisoft.lic.
Then return to web-interface of the license management system and go to Reread/Restart Servers section in the left frame menu.

Select "-all-" from the dropdown list of the ISV field. Click REREAD/ RESTART button. 

There is no need to perform Floating license activation procedure since the floating license is already activated. Metashape can be run on the client machines connected to the new server.