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Released on 2021-06-07

  • Remaining processing time is now presented in the processing email notifications.

Released on 2021-05-28

  • Project sharing by link do not disables accesses by invitations and vice versa anymore.

Released on 2021-05-20

  • Fixed issue causing successful publication of projects with no TOWGS84 tag in coordinate reference system.

  • Fixed issue causing wrong cameras positions.  Please republish the project if you faced this issue.

Released on 2021-05-18

  • Now it is available to sort projects by size.

Released on 2021-05-17

  • Fixed issue causing occurring empty page instead of project visualization page when query parameter is added to the project sharing link. 

Released on 2021-04-07

  • Processing results label now displayed instead of processing results types name.

Released on 2021-04-02

  • Information about processing execution time added to corresponding email notification.

Released on 2021-03-30

  • Improved 3D Models without textures visualization - now models are published with normals.

  • Size of published Tie Points, Dense Cloud and Tiled Models decreased by 3 times.

  • Tie Points, Dense Cloud and Tiled Models visualization performance increased.

Released on 2021-03-29

  • Added feature allowing to visualize aligned project cameras in a 3D scene & inspect all project photos in a preview and in a full screen mode at the special user interface section. When selecting aligned photo in a photos user interface section, corresponding camera in 3D scene is selected and vice versa.

Released on 2021-03-04

  • Upload and download speed and stability are improved

  • Web-viewer performance improved

Released on 2021-02-20

  • Now Inner and Outer boundaries set in Metashape are ignored during the publication so the full sized processing results are being published.

  • Fixed issue with disappearing 3D Model when zoom in and zoom out.

  • Fixed issue with camera flying to wrong place when flying to 3D Model.


In case you've faced one of the problems described above on one of your projects in the cloud, please republish those projects.

Released on 2021-02-12

  • Added coordinates pane with scale bar to visualization screen.

  • Changed available visualization modes from Ellipsoid/Terrain to Earth/Model. 

    • Earth view mode allows viewing all kinds of processing results in a surrounding context with the global terrain and one of the available base maps.

    • Model view mode is intended for viewing 3D models, Tiled Model, Tie Points and Dense Point Clouds in an isolated environment.

If you have projects embedded into web resources please note that Ellipsoid view mode has been changed to Earth view mode, and the Terrain view mode has been changed to Model view mode.

Released on 2021-02-12

  • Fixed issue causing 3D Models texture display in a solid black color.  In case you've faced this issue, please republish the project.

Released on 2021-02-04

  • Email notifications regarding processing and publication errors are improved. Now detailed information about errors is provided.

Released on 2021-02-01

  • Beta period is completed and Agisoft Cloud service is officially launched.

Released on 2021-01-27

  • Added support to Metashape version 1.7.X.

Released on 2021-01-25

  • Added feature allowing to control opacity of: Orthomosaic, Elevation (DEM), Tiled Models, 3D Models.

  • Added feature allowing to control point size of: Tie Points, Dense Cloud.

  • Fixed problems with publication of projects containing only 

    Orthomosaic, Elevation (DEM).

Released on 2020-12-18

  • Fixed problem with not loading detailed tiles of Tiled Models.

  • Error messages are now displayed on project tile on My Projects page.

Released on 2020-10-26

  • Added feature allowing to embed project visualization into web resource.

Released on 2020-10-14

  • Added feature allowing to share projects with other registered users via email, for viewing and downloading.

Released on 2020-08-14

  • Fixed problem with batch processing fails.

  • Fixed problem with saving notifications settings.

Released on 2020-06-30

  • Processing error messages are now sent in 'Processing Failed' email notification.

Released on 2020-06-15

  • New user account released.

Released on 2020-05-19

  • Added 404 page.

Released on 2020-04-28

  • Size of published results is now displayed on project tile on My Projects page.

Released on 2020-03-25

  • Added feature allowing to share projects with anyone via link, for viewing.

  • Fixed problem with empty projects page displaying before login page.

Released on 2020-01-30

  • Storage space exceeded' notification now appears on 'My Projects' page.

  • Page and sorting mode now stored in URL.

Released on 2020-01-09

  • Now system notifies users about finished processing via email