In general case the floating license is available only when the client machines are connected to the license server. However, it is possible to borrow the license for the offline work in order to use it even when the client machine is disconnected from the server (for example, when the laptop is taken to some field job).

To borrow the license from the server at first connect to client machine to the license server in order to get the floating license working in the common way and open Metashape Professional > Help Menu > Activate Product dialog. 

It will show in the information box that the floating license is used:

Click on Borrow License button and specify the number of days for which the floating license will be reserved by the current machine, ranging from 1 to 30 days:

Confirm the borrowing by clicking on OK button.

Activate Product dialog will display that the borrowed license is used (remaining days counter will be shown in the application title bar):

At this point the client machine can be disconnected from the license server and Metashape Professional license will remain for the whole duration of the borrowing period.

The borrowed license can be returned to the license server when the client is connected to the server network again via Help Menu > Activate Product dialog by clicking on Return License button.

Note: on macOS floating license borrowing procedure requires the following directory to exist and have full access rights:
/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Licensing/

If it doesn't exist use the following commands to create it and assign access rights (administrator privileges are required):

sudo mkdir -p "/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Licensing"  and sudo chmod -R 777 "/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Licensing"

Important! Borrowed licenses will be automatically returned to the license pool on the server side when the borrowing period expires. But note that during the borrowing period it is not possible to return the license to pool by the license server administration tools, therefore if the machine is lost for some reason, the floating license could be retrieved only when the borrowing period is over. Thus we do not recommend to borrow the license for the excessive number of days, if there's a risk of loosing the machine (unstable laptop, virtual machine and etc.)