Note: The described procedure allows to run floating license server as a system service for Metashape Professional 1.8.x and earlier.

If you need to run the license server (rlm) as a service, please refer to the corresponding section in Reprise license administrator manual (pp. 11-19):

For example, the section Running the rlm server as a service on Windows on page 13 describes the command line parameters to be used in order to add the Windows service for rlm server to be run automatically in the background with the system start.

Below you can see an example of a system service start on Windows OS, providing that floating license activation procedure has been completed:

1. Execute the following line from the OS terminal (cmd.exe) from the folder where from the license server (rlm.exe) is started:

rlm.exe -install_service -service_name rlm-agisoft -dlog C:\Windows\Temp\rlm-server.log -c C:\rlm-server\agisoft.lic

Just for case, the command is shown as printscreen, in order to avoid page translation issues for non-English readers:

the arguments highlighted by bold font may be altered: service name parameter (rlm-agisoft in the example) - is how the service will appear in the Windows Services table, logging can be enabled to save the server log to the external file (C:\Windows\Temp\rlm-server.log), as for the last argument that defines the path to the license file or to the directory containing all the license files.

2. After executing this command go to Services (via Start menu, for example) and locate the newly created service by its name: 

3. Go to service Properties dialog and set Start-up to Automatic:

4. Then (back in Services dialog), right-click on the server name and choose Start option: 

5. After that you can reboot the license server machine and then try to connect to the license server web-interface  via server IP or its hostname to check that the license server is properly started and the floating licenses are available in the license pool.