Metashape installation package includes only EGM962 geoid model, while additional geoid models can be downloaded from Agisoft's website should they be required by the coordinate system selected in the Reference pane settings dialog. The geoid model downloaded from the supported list should be copied to \geoids\ folder in Metashape installation directory before using the corresponding coordinate system. Geoids are supported in Metashape Professional edition only. 

The geoid file compatible with the selected coordinate system can be either downloaded from Agisoft website or it can be created from the external file with the undulation grid data. Additional information and detailed instructions for these processes can be found in the article How to use height above geoid for the coordinate system. 

Metashape supports one of the formats with datum information:

  • ASCII Grid (*.grid):
  • AUSGeoid Data Format (*.dat, *.txt) 
  • US National Geoidetic Survey (*.bin)
  • Natural Resources Canada (*.byn)
  • Trimble GGF (*.ggf)
  • Carlson Geoid separation file (*.gsf)
  • ISG (*.isg)
  • Frensh Geoid Model (*.mnt)
  • Sideris grid format (*.sid)
  • Table Lat/Lon/Alt or Lon/Lat/Alt (*.txt)
  • GeoTIFF Elevation (*.tif, *.tiff)).

ASCII GRID (*.grid): ASCII GRID refers to a specific interchange format developed for ARC/INFO rasters in ASCII format In Esri grid data, the first six lines indicate the reference of the grid, followed by the values listed in "English reading order" (left-right and top-down).

Table Lat/Lon/Alt or Lon/Lat/Alt (*.txt): files of Lat/Lon/Alt or Lon/Lat/Alt formats contain "space" separated three columns of values.