Agisoft floating license server for Metashape Professional 1.8 and older requires RLM software version 12.0 or higher.
For Metashape Professional 2.0 and higher a different licensing system is used, check the related section for additional information:

By default, we are providing the links to the 12.0 server version, however, if you already have a newer RLM license server running and would like to add Agisoft Metashape floating license to it, you can use it without a need to dedicate a new server machine to Metashape license solely.

In some cases, due to RLM update, the Activate button may be hidden by default in the newer versions of the Reprise License Server Administration web-interface. To solve the issue it is required to enable "edit_options" privilege in order for the activate button to appear. So the web interface of the license server must be set up with logins enabled and the particular user needs "edit_options".

For such newer versions of RLM it is required to create file and put it to the directory where from the license server is started. The file should contain the lines in the following format:


Password is not required, though for some users it can be omitted:




In the example above the "admin" user has a password and all available privileges, "user" account has no password and is capable of the server re-start, and "assistant" account has a password and can re-read or shutdown the server and also may remove a license from a running process.

Note! It is suggested to create the users without the passwords first and then set up the password after logging in to the license server web-interface via Change Password command, since the password is stored in file in the encrypted state.