Object/scene requirements

  • Avoid untextured, shiny, highly reflective and transparent objects. If still have to, shoot shiny objects under a cloudy sky or use polarized filters to avoid reflections.
  • Avoid unwanted foregrounds and backgrounds. 
  • Avoid moving objects within the scene to be reconstructed.
  • Avoid absolutely flat objects or scenes.
  • Fixed lenses are preferred. It is not recommended to use focal length more than 90 mm.
  • Since narrow-angle lenses have the correct weak aperture, it is recommended to shoot in bright ambient light. The position of the light at the time of shooting, as well as the position of the object relative to the direction of light is not recommended to change, because in different pictures the common points will be with different brightness characteristics, which will adversely affect the alignment process.
  • When shooting in macro it is important to avoid any fluctuations in the camera, it is recommended to use a tripod and a remote control.
  • The depth of sharply depicted space is desirable to adjust to the subject, trying to maximize the area of the object was in focus.