General tips:

  • Use a digital camera with reasonably high resolution (5 MPix or more).
  • Have camera pointed parallel to the object's surface normal.

  • Shoot in cloudy weather, or avoid glare from the sun, shiny and reflective surfaces.
  • Number of photos: more than required is better than not enough. Later on you can disable excessive images.
  • Number of "blind-zones" should be minimized since Metashape is able to reconstruct only geometry visible from at least two cameras.
  • Do not try to place full object in the image frame, if some parts are missing it is not a problem providing that these parts appear on other images. Flying closer to the object of interest will improve the quality of the reconstructed surface and texture.
  • In the absence of a high-precision receiver on board of the drone, it is recommended to use wall-mounted markers, measured with topographic instruments to be used for alignment optimization and referencing tasks. 

  • Avoid pointing camera with more than 45 degrees from the ground plane, otherwise far away background, sky and clouds would occupy considerable part of the image frame space and reduce the effective (useful) data on the image.


  • The pictures show the left and right parts of the building, respectively. Increasing the number of unique elements and maintaining a high overlap ratio would help to fix the issue when the different parts of the same building look similar on distant photos:

  • The following figures represent advice on appropriate CORRECT capturing scenarios:

  • The following figures represent advice on appropriate INCORRECT capturing scenarios:
  • At the corners of the facade, when moving from one wall to another, it is recommended to take the photos with increased overlap to ensure the maximum number of connecting points for both walls related to the corner.
  • If the facade has an increased reflection coefficient (siding, polished stone, steel, etc.) it is recommended to use a circular polarizing filter to avoid reflections and highlights.

Isolated Object:

  • The following figures represent advice on appropriate capturing scenarios for such isolated objects as statues:

  • To achieve good reconstruction results it may be useful to Mask all irrelevant elements on the source photos (background, accidental foreground, moving objects and elements and etc.). 

  • The most important details are recommended to be captured from 3 or more angles.