This tutorial shows the main options of camera tracks creation in Agisoft Metashape (Professional and Standard versions) and video rendering. Camera track can be created automatically (using simple preset options), imported from external file and edited manually.

1. Open Animation pane. Select View > Animation

2. Create new track. Click on Create button on the Animation pane toolbar.

NOTE! To display the camera track path, select Model > Show/Hide items > Show animation.

a) You can create Horizontal track.

  • Horizontal track

Choose parameters in Create Track dialog window. Click OK button.

b) You can create Vertical track.

  • Vertical track

Choose parameters in Create Track dialog window. Click OK button.

c) To create a track manually and add a viewpoint, click on Append button on the Animation pane. Append option will add the current viewpoint to the active camera track.  

d) You can also import camera track in formats Autodesk FBX and Camera Path file (.path) using Load button on the Animation pane toolbar.

3. You can adjust the position of the viewpoint in the camera track in Model view by dragging the left mouse button to display it visually.  

To change order of the key frames in the camera track use Move up and Move down buttons on the Animation pane toolbar.

4. To record the video according to the created camera track to the external file click on  Capture on the Animation pane toolbar and select the desired export parameters in the Capture Video dialog, such as export video resolution, compression type and frame rate. 

5. To save the track path to external file click on Save button on the Animation pane. The camera track can be exported in Camera Path (.path) and KML files formats.

  • Note that KML format is only supported for projects georeferenced in geographic/projected systems convertible to WGS84 system.