Agisoft Metashape Professional edition is available with Node-locked and Floating licenses. 

Please note, that Standard edition is only available with Node-locked licenses. 

Node-locked license

Node-locked license can be activated on a single computer at a time and can be transferred from one machine to another via deactivation/activation procedure. Internet connection is required for activation and deactivation procedures. Once the license is successfully activated, the machine can be used offline. For machines with no access to the Internet there are offline activation/deactivation procedures, that can be performed via e-mail with the help of another machine (device) where on-line connection is available.

Floating license

Floating license allows to use Agisoft Metashape Professional edition in full functionality on any computer in a network, where floating license server is installed for the license management. All computers where Agisoft Metashape is running should be in the same local network as the server for floating licenses distribution or address license server machine via Internet by public IP address. Agisoft Metashape can be used on as many computers simultaneously as there are floating licenses acquired. 

For simultaneous activation of Agisoft Metashape on multiple machines a corresponding number of licenses (Floating or Node-locked) should be acquired.