The data from MicaSense RedEdge MX Dual contains 10 bands, to add them to Metashape project, follow these steps (applicable in Agisoft Metashape Professional only): 

Open Workflow menu and choose Add Folder option. Select a folder that includes all the images from all 10 bands and click OK button. Alternatively, you can use Add Photos option from Workflow menu, if you can then select all the images (corresponding to all 10 bands) at once.

In the Add Photos dialog choose Multi-camera system option: 

If the images are stored in several folders, the same operation should be repeated for each folder. Please remember to add reflectance calibration images!

Each added sub-set should contain all 10 bands for every added camera system location - it is not allowed to add bands separately.

Metashape Pro will automatically sort out those calibration images to the special camera folder in the Workspace pane if the image meta-data says that the images are for calibration. The images will be disabled automatically (not to be used in actual processing).

In the Model view, the positions of the camera system will be displayed, based on the EXIF GPS tags loaded automatically:

In Metashape you can select a primary channel. Select Tools > Set Primary Channel command and choose the channel in the dialog window: 

After the images are added the common processing workflow can be used. Do not forget to run Calibrate Reflectance operation before building the orthomosaic to get the desired output.

You can find a description workflow for MicaSense RedEdge MX in our solution - MicaSense RedEdge MX processing workflow (including Reflectance Calibration) in Agisoft Metashape Professional.