Tie points and Control points can be exported only along with the interior and exterior orientation parameters of the cameras. To export processing results from Metashape to Photomod using PAT-B format, follow these steps:

In Metashape

1. Export cameras in PAT-B format. Select File > Export Cameras... 

In the export parameters, select:

  • the direction of the X-axes is to the right, Y-up;
  • the Include invalid matches and Transform to initial calibration options should be disabled;
  • Use item labels option enabled.

2. Open Camera Calibration dialog window. Select Tools > Camera Calibration... . Open the Adjusted tab in the Camera calibration dialog window. 

To save the camera calibration in Photomod (x-cam) format use the Save button. 

In Photomod

Check that the orientation of the axes for the camera is set to X-right (along the wide side of the frame), Y-up (along the narrow side of the frame). 

As a result of export in PATB format, the following files will be written:

  • example.pro - project file PATB. It contains information on the units of measurement (microns/millimeters). This eliminates the ambiguity in interpreting the data on import.
  • example.im - file with coordinates of tie points projections on the images.
  • example.con - file with measured coordinates of the ground control points.
  • example.ori - file with the calculated parameters of the exterior orientation for the cameras.
  • example.at - file with the calculated coordinates of tie points (adjusted terrain coordinates).

*.im and *.con formats are input files for PATB and *.ori. and *.at are output formats. 

1. Import exterior orientation parameters from PAT-B format (*.ori file). Select Orientation > Import exterior orientation... 

The Negative option should be disabled in the Exterior orientation import dialog.

2. Import the calibration from the x-cam file saved earlier. Click the Cameras button on the Toolbar.

Import the x-cam file: