This tutorial describes the functionality that provides Agisoft Metashape Professional for DEM transformation. It is possible to subtract one DEM from another and get the observed changes. 

The instruction shows how to import the DEM from the external source and to perform a DEM transformation applied to the DEM generated in Metashape Pro. You can find a detailed description of building DEM in our solution - DEM generation.

Contents of this article:

More than one instance of DEM can be stored in one chunk. In case you want to save current DEM instance and build a new one in the current chunk, right-click on DEM and uncheck Set as default option in the context menu. In case you want to save current DEM instance and edit its copy, right-click on DEM and choose Duplicate option. 

To import DEM:

1. Select File > Import > Import DEM.... DEM can be imported in one of the GeoTIFF Raster Data formats.

2. In the Import DEM dialog browse to a file and select coordinate system.

To calculate transform DEM:

1. Select DEM from which you want to transform on the Workspace pane.  

Be careful, at this stage you choose the DEM from which you will subtract. 

2. Select Transform DEM... command from Tools menu (Tools > Transform DEM...).

3. In the Transform DEM... dialog select the check Calculation difference box and select the file from the drop-down list for calculation.

4. Press OK button to calculate transform DEM.

5. In the dialog box click Yes button if you want to create a new file with the calculation result. If you press No button, the result will be saved in the selected file. We select No button. 

6. The progress dialog box will appear displaying the current processing status. To cancel processing click Cancel button. 

7. When the procedure is finished, a layer with a transform DEM label will be added to the project file structure shown on the Workspace pane.