Sometimes after orthomosaic generation the unwanted artifacts are observed on the stitched images, like cars on the road, for example. Seamline editing (patching) functionality allows to choose manually the image or images to texture the indicated part of the orthomosaic from. Thus, the final orthomosaic can be improved visually according to the user's expectations. 

This article describes the following processing steps:

Automatic seamlines can be turned on for inspection in the Ortho view with pressing the  Show Seamlines button from the Ortho view toolbar (to open the Ortho view mode double-click on the orthomosaic label in the chunk's contents of the Workspace pane):

To apply manual patches to the orthomosaic

1. Draw a polygon on the orthomosaic using Draw Polygon instrument to indicate the area to be re textured in the Ortho view mode.

2. Select Assign Images... command from the context menu of the selected polygon

3. In the Assign Images dialog box select the image to texture the area inside the polygon. Orthomosaic preview in the Ortho view allows to evaluate the results of the selection. 

  • Assign Images dialog allows activating multiple selection options. If the Allow multiple selection options is checked, it is possible to assign several images to texture the area inside the polygon. 
  • Assign Images dialog, alternatively, allows excluding selected images from texturing the area of interest. Check Exclude selected images option to follow this way. Please note that in this case preview illustrates the image to be excluded, i.e. the results one should expect after applying the changes are not shown.

4. Click OK button to finalize the image selection process. Until the changes are applied, the area of interest will be marked with a net of blue color to indicate that some edits are waiting for enforcement in case a multiple selection options is used.


5. Click Update Orthomosaic button from the Orthomosaic context menu or on the toolbar of the Ortho view mode.   

6. Result will be displayed in the Ortho view mode. 

For faster assignment of the images to the patches

1. If the Assign image operation should be repeated several times, it is recommended to use Draw Patch tool from the Ortho menu or via the corresponding Toolbar button of the Ortho view menu. 

2. In this case it will still be required to draw polygons as in the procedure above, but the best-fit image will be assigned automatically.

The image is selected with respect to the first drawn vertex of the patch.

3. Click  Update Orthomosaic button from the Orthomosaic context menu or on the toolbar of the Ortho view mode to apply all seamline edits performed.