This tutorial shows a way of spherical panoramas generation from multiple images taken from the same camera position (using nodal head for the image acquisition is recommended) using Agisoft Metashape. Sample data can be downloaded for practicing purposes. 

Spherical panoramas generation procedure

1. Load Images. Add images using corresponding button on the Workspace pane or using the option in the Workflow menu. 

2. Group Images to Camera Station. Select all cameras in the Workspace pane, right-click on the selection and choose Move Cameras > New Camera Group in the context menu:

Right-click on the camera group label in the Workspace pane and set the group type from Folder to Station:

3. Run Align Photos. Select Align Photos command in the Workflow menu. Select the align photos parameters. Click OK button when done.

4. How to Set Up Panorama Orientation. Zoom in to the sparse cloud and apply correct model orientation in space relatively to the coordinate system axis displayed in the Model view using icon16_object_rotate.png Rotate Object tool. 

5. Export Panorama. Select File > Export > Export Panorama. In the Export Panorama dialog choose desired orientation and rotation of the output image according to the preview for each camera station group. Then specify the output file name mask (template could be used for the multiple camera stations). Click OK button.

6. The resulting image will be exported according to the input images resolution.