Note: this article is related to Metashape Professional edition only.

To ensure continuous availability of Metashape software for all our users worldwide we provide a license file that unlocks full Metashape Professional functionality and allows to run the software on any computer till Aug 31, 2022.

License file installation

1. Download attached metashape_aug2022.lic file

2. Put the attached license file to the Metashape Pro installation directory and re-start the application.

On Windows 

the default installation folder is C:/Program Files/Agisoft/Metashape Pro/

On Linux

you need to put the license file to the directory where MetashapePro is unpacked to.

On macOS

you need to put the license file either to the MetashapePro application bundle contents: (right click on and choose "Show Package Contents" option from the context menu), or to the following directory: /Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Metashape Pro/

If the latter doesn't yet exist please use the elevated privileges to create this directory and give the required access rights to it with the following two commands:
sudo mkdir "/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Metashape Pro"
sudo chmod 777 "/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Metashape Pro"