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How to upload project into the cloud

To make local project available for visualization in web-interface it is necessary to upload it into the cloud and publish it. Before uploading the project into the cloud please ensure that Metashape is properly configured for interactions with the cloud. For detailed information about how to set up Metashape for interactions with the cloud please refer to "How to process a project on the cloud" article.

To upload the project into the cloud select Upload Project...  command from Cloud submenu of File menu and click Yes button. 

How to publish cloud project

Publication is a process of converting processing results from internal Metashape formats to the formats  for 3D visualization in web-interface. The publication is only available for georeferenced PSX projects. Each publication takes up storage space.

When the project is uploaded into the cloud, open Agisoft Cloud web-interface and publish it:

When the project is uploaded into the cloud and published, it is available to view processing results in web interface and share visualization via link or email, as well as embed project visualization into web platform. For more information about results visualization refer to "How to visualize & share processing results" article.

Note that 3D models large than 1 GB are not publish because of potential performance issues in web browser. Please build Tiled Models for large datasets visualization in web interface.

Next steps

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