To run the processing in the cloud it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:

- create a personal account on the following page:

- install latest version of Agisoft Metashape from

- ensure that OpenSSL version 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 is installed on your computer (for Windows or Linux systems);

- activate installed Metashape version with the valid license key (node-locked or floating);

- in the Network preferences tab of the installed application disable local network processing flag and enable cloud processing option;
- input account details (Email address and password) in the Cloud section of the Network preferences tab:

- open existing PSX project or create a new PSX project and load the images to be processed;

- configure a Batch Process list or run any processing operation from the Workflow menu;

- click Yes when asked to perform the processing in the Cloud, in case you need to visualize project results in the web-interface - enable the Publish results option:

For more information about results visualization refer to: "How to manage Agisoft Cloud projects" article.

Synchronization procedure will be started and the source imagery together with the project filed directory will be uploaded to your cloud account. Wait until the synchronization is finished, after that you can safely disconnect from the cloud (close the project and even Metashape window). 

Project status can be monitored on on the personal account page :

Alternatively you can open the PSX project sent to the cloud processing while connected to the Internet. If the processing is still in progress the status dialog will show "Processing" status:

In case the processing is finished (Completed, Failed or Aborted) the project data from the cloud will be synchronized with the local PSX project files and the project will be opened locally.

If it is necessary to free the space in the cloud, unpublish project results or remove the projects from the personal account , for more information about project management refer to: "How to manage Agisoft Cloud projects" article.

P.S. If there are "connection timed out" errors during the synchronization attempt, please check the firewall permissions. Cloud processing feature requires access to via HTTPS protocol (port 443) and to via port 8086.

P.P.S. Currently feature is available for the Professional edition license owners and is working in testing mode, i.e. the processing performed on the cloud is free for Professional edition license owners.